風姿 風呂に映り込む紅葉の眺望

While the wind may have no visible form,
The essence it carries is conveyed through the blossoms

`Fushi`, nestled in Akigawa Valley, 90 minutes from central Tokyo. The beautiful transformation of nature through spring, summer, autumn, and winter can be savored throughout the villa. Simple and unassuming, this remarkable hideaway accommodates only one group each day. Guests leave behind the bustle of the city and delight in the tranquil scenery woven by mountains as far as the eye can see, clear streams, and boulders. Here, you can deeply relax.

The name Fushi was inspired by Fushikaden (The Flowering Spirit) written by Zeami, who perfected Noh approximately 700 years ago in the Muromachi period. We have taken his approach of deeply exploring the beauty of Japan and reflected it in the climate and aesthetics of modern Japan. Our aim is to leave modern Japanese style as a legacy by uniquely planning the cuisine and accommodations and by offering hospitality to people from around the world so they may enjoy the beauty and culture of Japan.

The founder of Fushi was born and raised in this area and feels a kinship with its majestic nature. He established Kurochaya—a restaurant that serves mountain village cuisine—over a half-century ago and has since delegated new roles to the numerous historical buildings remaining in this area, and developed businesses to leave to the following generations.

As the final chapter, Fushi was born from his aspiration to create a top-class accommodation for just one group each day to immerse in the nature, climate, culture, and cuisine of this region.

We invite you to enjoy this new luxury of surrendering yourself to the majestic nature and contemplating the shape of wind.