A luxurious stay amid nature, dwelling in an ever-changing picture scroll


The villa accommodates just one group each day. Reinterpreting the traditional lifestyle of the Japanese who live in nature, it is centered around an outdoor living room and designed so that the bond with nature can be sensed from every room.
The view woven by mountains, clear streams, and boulders is stunning--like a single painting on a folding screen. True to our name, Fushi, guests can sense a vision of the shape of wind with the locally-grown foods and views from the dwelling built with authentic materials.

Fushi: Snow at the Front Door
Fushi: Outdoor Living
Fushi: Outdoor Living, Jacuzzi, Main Lounge
Fushi: Bed room
Fushi: Dining Table

The pinnacle of luxury is the absence of luxury


Employing unique ideas for the water, wind, and cuisine, a chef applies the finishing touches in front of the guests.
A brewery draws underground water to produce sake. We provide the finest experience of savoring the seasons through local flavors nurtured by the clear streams.

Fushi: Sample Meals
Scenic Snow Views from Fushi

Undulating in the four seasons through the scenic beauty of Akigawa


The transition of spring, summer, autumn, and winter can be sensed throughout Fushi, nestled in Akigawa Valley, 90 minutes from central Tokyo.
We invite you to leave behind the bustle of the city and forget time for the moment to deeply relax amidst the beautiful scenery.

With the hope that you will take home treasured memories…

Autumn River Valley adorned with Crimson Leaves